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Is there a difference between legal marketing and regular marketing? Believe it or not, there’s a big difference between marketing for law firms than marketing for a small business. With law firm marketing, you’re not just promoting a brand, but you’re also promoting the people who make the brand possible. Many marketing firms don’t understand this concept — instead of focusing on the people, some companies just focus on the accolades and the law firm as a whole.

But ENX2 is Changing the Rules for Legal Marketing

legal marketing enx2 marketingAt ENX2 Marketing, we feel this approach is wrong. After talking to a number of lawyers, we found how disgruntled they are with marketing companies who handle their affairs yet shown none of the results. Let’s be honest — as a lawyer, you’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars to have someone create a website and handle the lawyer marketing because you just don’t have the time to learn yourself. And what are the results of your money? You’re not sure because that marketing company doesn’t communicate with you.

Don’t feel bad. We found that this happens often. That’s why ENX2 has changed the rules when it comes to legal marketing. We will take the time to make sure your lawyers are front and center in our law firm marketing efforts. Not only will we improve your social media, make your website shine, and help your search engine ranking improve, but we will also offer the following services.

Online Directory Management

We know how important online directories are for lead generation. That’s why we take the time to go to each site and update your profile with your latest biography and accolades. We have contacts with Avvo, Thomson Reuters, Super Lawyers, and Martindale-Hubbell to help with any advertising you may want to do.

AvvoThomson ReutersSuper LawyersMartindale Hubbell

Stellar Graphic Design Work

In addition to providing you graphics for your website and social media accounts, we also have handled banner ads, billboard designs, logo recreation, and advertisements. Our graphic design work has been featured in US World & News Report and Super Lawyers magazine.

Blogging Services

“I was stopped by a gentleman who handed me a gift-wrapped present. He told me that we represented him and he was so happy that he wanted to buy me a Christmas gift. So he gave me the gift as we stood in the middle of the street. We walked to the bodega together and he was commenting on the blogs and the emails and how much he looks forward to them. He told me that he forwards them to his friends in case they ever have the need for legal representation.

I wanted to send you this note because I want you to realize that every little thing (like blogging) you do is important. Also, to say thank you for all your work and effort.” – Jersey City personal injury attorney Anthony Carbone

You’re a busy attorney, who has time to write out a blog? Our expert content writers have written blogs ranging from personal injury matters to tax problems. Take a look at our team page to learn more.

Online Reputation Management

We can get positive client reviews on Google, AVVO, Yelp, and other locations throughout the Internet. If you have a bad review, we will advise you on your next steps. Have a fraudulent bad review on Google? We’ll give Google a call and see if we can take care of the situation.

We believe the client is always front and center. If you need a marketing team who can whip your law firm’s digital marketing into shape then look no further. Contact us now and let’s talk.

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