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What is Content Marketing Anyway?

You may have heard it — content is king. But what does this mean? And why does it need marketing?

Content marketing is the creation of online material that aims to inform, entertain, and promote your brand throughout the internet. It isn’t just a blog article or a web page — content marketing includes videos and social media posts.

No Keyword Stuffing Here!

Sometimes, when marketing companies are tasked with content marketing for your company’s website, the first thing they worry about is making sure all the keywords are in the text. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense – it has keywords so it’s going to rank!

So when you have a website visitor, you have them reading content that looks a little something like this:

“Personal injury law firm the Law Offices of Smith & Doe has been handling personal injury throughout the state for 25 years. Personal injury lawyer Jane Smith and personal injury attorney John Doe have been helping personal injury clients get the compensation they deserve for their personal injury claims. If you’re looking for a personal injury law firm that can tackle any type of personal injury case, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact the personal injury lawyers at the personal injury law firm Law Offices of Smith & Doe now for a free consultation.”

Wait, what type of law does Smith & Doe practice?

This is called keyword stuffing and it’s an old SEO practice. It’s also frowned upon by search engines. In fact, Google now penalizes websites for keyword stuffing their content. Plus how will a client take you seriously with content like that?

The sad truth is many companies still think a content marketing strategy that rams keywords down their website visitors’ throats will lead to conversions. You can still see this on many websites. But this just isn’t the case. In fact, content like this will make your online credibility fall.

Remember, it’s not where you rank on Google, it’s how you can convert a visitor into a client. And the way to do that is with high-quality content that focuses on your target audience and makes them want your brand.

Providing a Content Marketing Strategy for Any Type of Business

content marketing agency enx2 marketingIn addition to a great-looking website, a killer content marketing strategy is essential for getting and keeping clients. The nationwide content writers at ENX2 specifically write content with our client in mind.

Let’s face it – as a company owner, writing about your own brand probably is not your cup of tea (well, unless you’re a media company). And if you’re a lawyer, you may have trouble communicating legal topics to the public. That’s why our content is written in a precise way that is easy to understand and entertaining enough to keep the visitor from leaving the page. It will have the right tone, a call-to-action, and will be SEO friendly. We’ll make sure important keywords are subtlety present throughout the copy. You might not even notice them!

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable with someone else writing the content of your website. That’s completely understandable. That’s why we offer to edit any copy that you create to make sure the right amount of keywords and SEO content is present to rank on search engines. Don’t worry, we won’t change any of your content without your approval first. Remember, our writers are not only writers, they’re also SEO specialists.

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Without good content, your website will just not have the conversion rate that you deserve, no matter how pretty it is. But with the right content marketing strategy, not only will your website see a decent ROI, but you’ll also see a rise in your search engine rankings. If you’re ready to increase your conversion rate and improve your client leads, then don’t wait. Contact nationwide content marketing agency ENX2 Marketing today.

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